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Home Seller Guides

 The Ultimate Home Seller's Guide- How do you sell your home for the highest amount of money? And as quickly as possible, with the least amount of disruption in your life? 

Here's a quick peek at the insides...

  • Learn the “process” by simply reading the book.
  • Get a handle how to handle a “low-ball” offer if you get one.
  • Understand how to handle the opposite “problem”...having multiple offers!
  • Learn the importance of, and what it takes, to keep a deal together once you accept an offer.

And so much more is packed into this quick and insightful (an hopefully kind of fun read for you! Download today! 



  How To Prepare Your House For Sale Guidebook

How To Prepare Your House For Sale - Want expert insights on selling it quickly and for top dollar?

Then you should read this booklet. Inside you'll find out about

  • Tips on preparing for where you’ll move to, because preparing your house for sale also means preparing yourself to move.
  • Thoughts on what to repair or renovate and where to draw the line.
  • What you should do with buyer’s shoes (other than ask them to remove them as they walk through the house).
  • Things to think about if you have pets.

And so much more. This booklet is a quick read, and it’s filled with over a dozen topics you can implement with just a little time and effort. Download today! 



Home Buyer Guides

 The Ultimate Home Buyer's Guide -Want to find the home of your dreams? 

Here's a peek...

  • Learn the buying “process” by simply reading the guide
  • Develop the right mindset for when you “lose” or when you “win” a home.
  • Learn when you should actually get a pre-approval and when to officially start the mortgage process.
  • Find out what the deal is with the “deals” like short sales and foreclosures.

And so much more. Find out more when you download this booklet today!



Does Owning A Home Make More Sense Than Renting? - Sometimes renting makes more sense. Sometimes buying does.

Here's a Peek At What's Inside...

  • Why you shouldn’t just follow whatever your friends are doing.
  • How some people get unwillingly and unknowingly “hooked” on renting.
  • Thoughts on the different ways buying or renting will cost you that many people never consider.
  • Why cutting down on your daily lattes (or anything else you love) may not be a smart thing to do to save up for a downpayment.

And so much more. 

The answer to does owning a home make more sense than renting really depends on who you are, how you live and what your long-term plans are. Find out more when you download this booklet today!